Product Features

HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Software

Use our software to conduct HIPAA compliant video consultations with the patients in your practice and send/receive HIPAA compliant text messages.

Monitor patients’ diet and lifestyle with wearable devices and mobile applications.


  HIPAA Compliant Video Consultations
  Access to wearable device data such as Fitbit in real time
  Easy scheduling and payment collection with Stripe
  Review medical records and test results
  Share your screen and make comments
  Brand your telehealth portal with your practice’s logo

The Fruit Street App

  • Patients can easily track their physical activity levels using wearable devices and view their Fitbit data
  • The user dashboard provides patients with a snapshot of number of steps taken, hours slept, calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure and blood glucose
  • Easily create a food diary and take notes alongside your images
  • View goals your healthcare provider sets for you
  • Conduct a video consultation with your healthcare provider

Special Features For Providers

  • Create customized health questionnaires and intake forms
  • Set your availability for video consultations
  • Set patient goals and monitor their progress
  • Collect credit card payments for video consultations
  • Send HIPAA compliant chat messages to your patients
  • Maintain clinical notes during a video call and view past session notes

Special Features For Patients

  • Sync your Fitbit accounts and share the data with your healthcare provider
  • Upload medical tests from multiple sources for your records
  • Take pictures of your food and receive feedback from your healthcare provider
  • View goals that your healthcare provider sets for you
  • Send and receive HIPAA compliant chat messages

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