Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fruit Street HIPAA Compliant?

Fruit Street offers HIPAA compliant telehealth software built through a joint venture agreement with VSee, the world’s largest telehealth platform. provides video consultations through a 100% HIPAA compliant, FDA-registered telehealth product utilized by more than 3 million users.

How Do I Get Paid for Video Calls?

Fruit Street allows healthcare professionals to set their price per video call (for example: $100 fee for 60 minutes). Funds are collected through Stripe, one of the largest payment processors in the world. Your patients will be prompted to enter their credit card to pay for appointments before they schedule a video call. Every two days, Stripe will automatically deposit all payments directly into your practice’s bank account. Some practices opt to bill patients a flat monthly fee to build up a recurring revenue stream for their practice.

Does Fruit Street’s Price Changed Based on How Many Patients I Have?

Fruit Street will only charge you a flat annual or monthly software licensing fee. You can use Fruit Street with as many patients as you like for no additional cost. Fruit Street’s goal is to help you significantly increase the revenue of your practice with telehealth consultations so that our software cost quickly pays for itself!

Which Wearable Devices Does Fruit Street Integrate With?

Fruit Street’s software currently integrates with all Fitbit devices, including the Fitbit Flex and Fitbit Aria scale. Fruit Street is also integrated with the iHealth Labs FDA-approved blood pressure cuff ( and will soon be integrated with the iHealth Labs FDA-approved glucometer (

How Much Increased Revenue Can I Get From Using Fruit Street?

Many practices find that they can gain the most additional revenue by enrolling their patients in an annual wellness program for a flat monthly fee. Even signing as few as 50 patients to pay $100 per month for an annual wellness program would yield an additional $60,000 per year in revenue.

Does Fruit Street Integrate With Glucometers or Blood Pressure Cuffs?

Fruit Street currently only integrates with Fitbit devices, but we are actively working on integrating FDA-approved blood pressure cuffs and glucometers from vendors such as iHealth Labs (

Does Fruit Street Allow Me To Review Lab Results With Patients During A Video Call?

Fruit Street allows patients and providers to upload any file to their health record to review during a video call. Providers commonly upload PDFs of blood test results from patients to view with them during a video session.

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