Starting your healthy lifestyle journey can be as simple as stepping on the scale. The scale can
help you monitor your weight trends and serve as a starting point for healthy habit-building!


  1. Build the habit
    • Take a shower. Make breakfast. Brush teeth. Add in “step on scale” and you’ve got a healthy morning habit! Lifestyle changes are built one small habit at a time. Start exercising your habit-building muscles with daily weigh ins.
  2. Recognize normal fluctuations
    • There are many factors that can affect your weight. Things such as recovery from a hard workout, a salty meal, or not drinking enough fluids can cause your weight to register as slightly higher or lower. Daily weights can help you identify normal fluctuations.
  3. Monitor the trend
    • Tracking your weight within the Fruit Street mobile app (or recording your weight daily) will provide valuable data over time. If you are trying to lose weight, you should begin to see a gradual downward trend in your weight, at the rate of about 1 to 2 pounds per week.
  4. Course correct
    • That data you’re collecting can also help you recognize when you need to make a change. Perhaps you’ve hit a weight loss plateau and need to increase your physical activity or decrease your caloric intake.
  5. Greater weight loss results
    • Data suggests that weighing yourself everyday can lead to greater weight loss. This is likely due to the daily recommitment to other weight loss behaviors, reinforced every time you step on the scale. The scale can be one of the most helpful tools in our toolbox when it comes to weight loss. Weighing yourself everyday can be your first steppingstone to building healthy habits for life.


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