Have you ever thought about feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and feel like you cannot do your normal routine anymore?  There are 5 key natural ways to relieve stress.

  1. Laugh Out Loud (LOL) - Have you ever heard of laughter is the best medicine? Well, it is!  Laughing out loud is proven to reduce pain, stress, increase job performance, and improves the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain.  Laughing also improves emotional connection with others (co-workers, friends, significant others).  So, laugh out loud… and not on the text message.
  2. Yoga – Studies have shown as much as 85% of the people who did yoga reported that it helped them relieve stress. The basic yoga concept of breathing technic and nonjudgmental toward yourself and others are perfect for stress relief.  Why don’t you try warrior pose at your cubicle?
  3. Meditation – It is said to believe that a simple meditation can wipe away the day’s stress, bring inner peace, and refresh your body, mind, and soul from shackles of your daily life. Meditation is known to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, asthma, cancer, chronic pain, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, sleep disorder, and tension headaches.  If you have any one of these or more, why not try a simple 60-second meditation?
  4. Massage Therapy – Okay this may be a little pricier than the other ones we talked about but having a nice relaxing Swedish Massage or tension massage has been proven to reduce stress, stress-related illnesses, and overall relief of pain. If you are uncomfortable with massage therapists touching you directly, know that many clinics allow clothing to ensure all comfort levels.
  5. Exercise – Exercise is essential to our body. Exercise not only reduces the stress level, but it also improves strength, stamina, weight status, and most of all, the feeling of accomplishment.  It has been proven by numerous researchers that exercise is single-handedly the most effective method to improve overall health for a human being.  Let’s get that treadmill out of the garage and start moving!