Telemedicine for Wellness Coaching

Clients can use Fruit Street to seamlessly integrate visual diet logging, receive instant feedback from providers, and make lasting lifestyle change to prevent disease. Fruit Street offers providers the ability to create a HIPAA-compliant, custom-branded telehealth portal, communicate instantly via text messaging, and set goals to keep clients on track.

Fruit Street integrates wearable devices like Fitbit, blood pressure cuffs, and glucometers to give providers the ability to see a full health picture of their clients, and to intervene early to prevent disease and exacerbations. With Fruit Street, the focus is on communication and prevention!

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Fruit Street's Telehealth Software Helps Your Clients Improve Their Health and Lifestyle

With Fruit Street you can:

  • Effectively help your patients and improve their outcomes – even when they aren’t in your office
  • Monitor diet and health data through video calls, wearable devices and our mobile applications
  • Make it your own! Brand the portal to fit your practice, and set your own prices to grow your practice
  • Rest assured that your telehealth software is HIPAA-compliant and FDA-registered
  • Get started right away since we developed and designed with healthcare providers like you in mind

Wellness Coaches Love Us!

I am honored to be part of a group of 80 entrepreneurial physicians that want to change healthcare. Asif Ali, MD
FruitStreet telehealth technology provides health professionals with a simple and secure way to connect patients and clients to effective disease treatment. Zhiping Yu, PhD, RDN, LDN
The first wave of telemedicine companies such as TelaDoc, MDlive, DoctorOnDemand made low acuity urgent care available to the mass market. Fruit St leads the second wave of telemedicine companies to bring wellness and lifestyle care to the mass market. Milton Chen, PhD

Medical Advisory Board

Maulik Purohit

Amanda Itzkoff, MD

Anca Pop, MD, AGAF

David Andrew Friedman, MD

Diaa Hussein, MD,MPH

James P Kelleher, MD, MBA

Ravi K. Kamepalli MD, FIDSA, CWS

Matthew D. Epstein, MD