HIPAA Compliant
Telehealth Software

Monitor patients diet and lifestyle with wearable devices
and mobile applications.

  • HIPAA Compliant Video Consultations
  • Access to wearable device data such as Fitbit in real time
  • Easy scheduling and payment collection with Stripe
  • Review medical records and test results
  • Share your screen and make comments
  • Brand your telehealth portal with your practice’s logo
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The Fruit Street App

  • Patients can easily track their physical activity levels using wearable devices and view their Fitbit data (coming soon)
  • The user dashboard provides patients with a snapshot of number of steps taken, hours slept, calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure and blood glucose
  • Easily create a food diary and take notes alongside your images
  • View goals your healthcare provider sets for you (coming soon)
  • Conduct a video consultation with your healthcare provider (coming soon)

Special Features For Providers

  • Create customized health questionnaires and intake forms
  • Set your availability for video consultations
  • Set patient goals and monitor their progress
  • Collect credit card payments for video consultations
  • Send HIPAA compliant chat messages to your patients
  • Maintain clinical notes during a video call and view past session notes

Special Features For Patients

  • Sync your Fitbit accounts and share the data with your healthcare provider
  • Upload medical tests from multiple sources for your records
  • Take pictures of your food and receive feedback from your healthcare provider
  • View goals that your healthcare provider sets for you
  • Send and receive HIPAA compliant chat messages
Free 14 Day Trial